Month: April 2021

LAPD officials slam Oscar celebrities for anti-law rhetoric at police-monitored event

The stars at Sunday’s star-studded Oscars took aim at law enforcement as they stepped onto the podium for an event protected by personnel from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), among other agencies. Now union officials are criticizing the big names in Hollywood for their own “contribution to the glorification of guns, drugs and crime,” […]

Possible seismic fault blocks proposed development of Hollywood’s first skyscrapers

When the developers announced a decade ago that they were planning to build Hollywood’s first skyscrapers along an aging and faded block of the famous Boulevard, Boosters saw it as a moment of transformation. Gentrification was already remaking Hollywood with a series of big, high-end developments, but this project was different. The complex would alter […]

Biden chooses 2 critics of Trump-era immigration policies for key homeland security roles

President Joe Biden on Monday appointed two critics of Trump-era immigration policies to key positions in the Department of Homeland Security. The appointments come as the Biden administration faces a growing number of people attempting to enter the country along the southwest border. Biden named Tucson, Arizona Police Chief, Chris Magnus, Commissioner of Customs and […]

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